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Aaron hated everything about Valentine’s Day—including the lovesick idiots who flocked to his restaurant and the fact it was by far his busiest day of the year. But as an up-and-coming chef with a business to build, he’ll do whatever it takes to make his customers happy, even if that means asking for help from the one person he wishes he could avoid for the rest of his life—his ex-stepbrother, Alex.


As the only florist in Middleton, Alex was used to being swamped on Valentine’s Day, but none of that prepared him for the moment Aaron showed up on his doorstep with an impossible request after ten years of not speaking. Determined to help Aaron in whatever way he can, Alex will have to pull off a Valentine’s Day miracle. Maybe then Aaron will talk to him again and they can figure out where it all went wrong, together, the way it was always meant to be, even if they are—or were—stepbrothers.

BRIAR & BRAMBLE was originally part of the Anti-Valentine MM Anthology. It's now available as a newsletter exclusive when you sign up below. 

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