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Aaron hates everything about Valentine’s Day—including the lovesick idiots who flock to his restaurant and the fact it’s by far his busiest day of the year. But as an up-and-coming chef with a business to build, he’ll do whatever it takes to make his customers happy.


When he runs into a floral snafu, he’ll have to do something he hates more than Valentine’s Day—ask for help from the only florist in town. The problem is that florist is his ex-stepbrother, Alex, the one person he was hoping never to see again.


BRIAR & BRAMBLE is a darker Valentine’s Day MM novella about a pair of grumpy/sunshine ex-stepbrothers, old wounds, and steamy second chances. This was originally published in the Anti-Valentine anthology and is now exclusive to my website. You can get it for free by signing up for my newsletter or by purchasing it from my shop. 

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