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This isn’t a tale of redemption — it’s all about the fall. 


An outcast amongst outcasts, Phelan Oliver nevertheless takes his duties as a Necromancer with the utmost seriousness. As one of the few in his family devoted to the “old ways,” Phelan has fully embraced the piety and severe discipline required to master demonic magic. But none of that prepares him for the day he comes face-to-face with a demon he didn’t summon—one who embodies everything he has been taught to hate, and whose wickedness sparks sinful feelings Phelan can’t ignore no matter how much he tries.


As a prince of Hell, Remiel is used to getting his way. Kidnapping and torturing his sworn enemy for information should have been easy, but Phelan Oliver was not an ordinary Necromancer. On the surface, the university librarian appears quiet and devout, but beneath his unassuming facade there is a latent darkness Remiel can’t wait to unleash. In exchange for his soul’s freedom, Phelan strikes a desperate bargain to help Remiel defeat his nemesis once and for all. But it turns out demons aren’t the only ones with secrets and learning Phelan’s might end up costing them both more than they’d ever imagined. 

IGNI FERROQUE is a dark MM paranormal romance about a pious Necromancer and an incorrigible demon and what happens when their paths intersect. While this book can be read as a standalone, readers are encouraged to start with Malum Discordiae in order to get a broader understanding of the Winslow witches and their world. 



Content Warning: Contains references to or scenes depicting: somnophilia, noncon between MCs and other graphic descriptions of sexual situations, on-page torture between MCs, off-page child abuse, blood play, strangulation and breath play, on-page suicide, mental illness and institutions, parental estrangement, extreme religious views and criticism of said views (there’s a heavy focus on Christianity/Christian mythology due to the demonic aspect), and religious self-harm. Reader discretion is greatly advised as this book is NOT for everyone and most will probably find it offensive. Please heed the warnings. 

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