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  • Ashlyn Drewek

August Newsletter Recap

Missed the August newsletter? Here are the highlights.

This novella is near and dear to my heart and I hope you guys give it a chance! I know it's not what I usually write, but I have to mix it up now and again.

As I'm sure you've seen on social media, it was inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but it is contemporary. And—I'm warning you now—it's on the sweet side. Yes, I can do sweet for the right character/story. I'm actually releasing another sweet story later this year (more on that below). I appreciate steam as much as the next reader, but I let the characters call the shots and these two took their time for obvious reasons. Not to mention, Gerulf is an asshole. Grade A asshole. But Zane and I love him regardless.



And don't forget about the anthology I'm in! It's where you'll find the new Tennebrose novella, MORTEM OBIRE, along with some other amazing stories (half are MM; the other half are MF and they'll be indicated somehow in the beginning/blurbs).

Here's a quick rundown of MORTEM:

🖤 Tennebrose novella* (yes, it's a whole novella in the anthology)

🧡 New characters

🖤 Best friends/idiots-to-lovers

🧡 Neither are witches

🖤 Total standalone

🧡 All the Halloween vibes

* it will be released on its own after the anthology is no longer live, but it will not be in KU.


Another Tennebrose story?! Yes! And it's FREE. Well, this version is.

I can't say much yet, but there is a group of authors coming together to do something special this October, and that's where you'll find MORTIFER.

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