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  • Ashlyn Drewek

My thoughts on the MALUM DISCORDIAE audiobook

Truth time—I'm not an audiobook person. I'm rarely a podcast person either (unless I'm in the car for long periods of time). I don't have the attention span for it. I get busy with whatever my hands are doing or people talk to me or I just zone out because I have a magpie brain and flit from idea to idea 24/7. But when MALUM was finally turned into an audiobook, I had to listen. I mean, how could I not?!

When I said I was listening right there alongside you guys on release day, I meant it. I didn't get to preview it ahead of time. I didn't even know the official release date until I asked. So, other than listening to J.F. Harding's samples on other books, I had NO idea what he was going to do with these boys and this crazy world.

It's also, admittedly, why I didn't promote it as much as I should have. I didn't want to tell you guys to go buy something when I didn't know if I could stand behind it 110%.

So now that I've actually listened to it—I stand behind it 111000000000%! The way JFH brought Cassius and Graeme to life was incredible. He got me. He got them. He added the inflection right where I wanted it. He understood the emotions these two were going through and conveyed that the way I hoped it came across while reading. I know I wrote the book, but hearing someone else perform it? I don't even have the words. Seriously. When I finished it, I just sat there and stared off into space, wishing I could go back and listen all over again for the first time.

I'm SO happy with JFH, I'm SO happy with the final product, and if you're remotely interested in audiobooks, I highly suggest you check it out. It's 12 hours of snark and banter and romance and action. It was like listening to a movie play out in my head. I was never bored, which is a feat in and of itself. And even though I wrote it, there were times I was sucked into the story, like heart rate accelerated, holding my breath, waiting for the next scene kind of sucked in.

I tried to find all of the audiobook retailers and cobble them together in one link, but if I missed one, feel free to email it to me and I can add it. It's available on all of the major audiobook platforms, so I think I got them all. And I know it's just been added to Scribd and Hoopla.

Now on to the burning question—when are my other books coming out in audio?

The answer is still, "I don't know." They are very expensive to make. If I were a betting woman, though, I'd say IGNI FERROQUE will be the next to appear in audio and I cannot wait to hear Remiel's voice come to life. 😈

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