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  • Ashlyn Drewek

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Working for literary sensation Gerulf Prince should have been a dream job for aspiring author Zane Beaumont. Six months, all-expenses-paid, and one-on-one time with his favorite writer? It sounded too good to be true—because it was. It turned out there was a reason no one had seen the mysterious writer in two years and why his lawyer was willing to pay so much for a job people should have been clamoring to do for free. Young and optimistic and apparently the embodiment of everything Gerulf hates, Zane nevertheless tries to make the best of the situation for as long as he can. But with each day that passes, it’s harder and harder for Zane to ignore his feelings for his irascible employer and remember that at the end of six months, the fairytale is over.

Gerulf Prince doesn’t need an assistant and he certainly doesn’t want someone like Zane Beaumont hanging around his house all day. Still reeling from an accident that left him lame and disfigured, Gerulf has struggled to pick up the pieces of his life, including his writing career. With the deadline for his latest project fast approaching and the threat of a lawsuit hanging over his head, he has no choice but to grudgingly accept Zane’s help. It doesn’t mean he has to like his infectious laugh or look forward to their daily conversations. And under no circumstances does Gerulf want to entertain any more of the bright-eyed librarian’s ideas about his manuscript. As the sixth month draws to a close, Gerulf is faced with a decision he never saw coming—break his contract and face a legal firestorm or submit his novel and lose his newfound muse forever.

Wither was originally published in the Because of You anthology. It has been updated and expanded.

Tropes and triggers MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!


  • Boss & Employee

  • Grumpy/Sunshine

  • Beauty and the Beast-inspired

  • Forced proximity

  • Slow burn

  • Slight hurt/comfort

  • Age gap (12 years)

  • Strict top/bottom

Triggers: sexual harassment; domestic abuse and violence; near-death accidents and disfigurement; and parental death.

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