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The Coventry Carol Signed Paperback

The Coventry Carol Signed Paperback

Instead of eggnog and peppermint lattes, Caspar Payne prefers to drown his hatred of the most obnoxious holiday ever with whiskey. Except, alcohol and sadness can be a deadly combination and when he finds himself teetering on the edge of a bridge on Christmas Eve, the last thing he expects is a hot AF guardian angel in a Santa coat.

To make matters worse, the mysterious stranger claims he’s the son of Santa—as in the Santa Claus. Caspar isn’t inclined to believe him until a cannibal hitman shows up with every intention of collecting Caspar’s soul.

If they can make it to January, it’ll be a Christmas miracle.

THE COVENTRY CAROL is a darker MM Christmas romance standalone novella. If you love Christmas and cozy Hallmark movies with all the sweet, swoony romance, this is NOT the book for you. It's heavy on Christmas folklore (i.e. dark traditions) in addition to insta-lust and steam, and a lot of triggering themes. Consider it an anti-Christmas story, if you will, that still manages to end in a HEA. It is intended for a mature audience and reader discretion is advised. A full list of triggers can be found in the front matter of the book and at my website under Tropes & Triggers. 

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