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I've tried my best to compile a comprehensive list of tropes and triggers for each of my books and series. These are the major ones and may be considered *SPOILERS* for the book. There may be more I might have missed or overlooked.


If you have any questions about a particular trope or trigger, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Also, if you feel a trigger should be included on this list, please feel free to send me an email. I know I tend to write dark things but I don't ever want to induce a panic attack in my readers or trigger something inadvertently. 

My inbox is always open at

The Leander Welles Series


  • Dark, manipulative romance (MF)

  • Psychological/romantic suspense (MF)

  • Doctor/patient relationship (MF)

  • Friends-to-Lovers (MM)

  • Two psychopaths (MM)

  • First times (MM)

  • Revenge

  • Lots of death

Triggers: past child abuse; on-page self-harm; past suicide; on-page suicidal ideation and attempts; on-page substance abuse; on-page alcohol abuse; various mental health issues and disorders; on-page torture and violence. 

The Solnyshko Duet (The Roan Sinclair books)


  • Dark romance

  • Kidnapping

  • Captive/captor

  • Forced proximity

  • Grumpy/sunshine

  • Opposites attract

  • Marking/"mine"

  • Russian mafia

  • Revenge

  • Lots of death and violent/graphic torture

  • "Touch him and you die—painfully"

  • Age gap (15 years)

Triggers: on-page alcohol/drug use; lots of on-page smoking; FTB sexual assault; graphic violence and on-page torture; on-page self-harm; ethnic and homosexual slurs, and a lot of profanity; mental health issues including PTSD and depression.

The Tennebrose Series

Malum Discordiae


  • Enemies-to-Lovers

  • Forbidden Love

  • Romeo + Juliet style family feud (with a HEA)

  • Dark Academia vibes

  • Grumpy/Sunshine

  • Witches vs Necromancers

  • Forced proximity

  • PNR 

  • First times

Triggers: animal cruelty (deaths occur off-page); on-page alcohol/drug use; off-page death of children; off-page murder; off-page suicide; and dubious consent.

Igni Ferroque


  • Enemies-to-Lovers 

  • Necromancer vs Demon

  • Opposites attract

  • Captive/Captor

  • Marking/“Mine”

  • Virgin MC

  • Sexual Awakening

  • A degree of hurt/comfort

  • “Touch him and you die—painfully” 

Triggers: somnophilia, noncon between MCs and other graphic descriptions of sexual situations, on-page torture between MCs, off-page child abuse, blood play, strangulation and breath play, on-page suicide, mental illness and institutions, parental estrangement, extreme religious views and criticism of said views (i.e. there’s a heavy focus on Christianity/Christian mythology due to the demonic aspect), and religious self-harm. 

Standalone Books

Per Sanguinem


  • Strangers-to-Partners-to-Lovers

  • Vampires & Cops

  • Grumpy/Sunshine-ish

  • Sloooow burn

  • First times

  • PNR

  • Forced proximity

  • "Touch him and you die"

Triggers: on-page alcohol/drug use; homophobic and racial slurs, as well as other insensitive language; on-page violence and torture; PTSD in various forms including flashbacks; suicidal thoughts and flashbacks; parental estrangement, and a lot of death.

The Coventry Carol


  • Strangers-to-Lovers

  • Instalove & Instasteam

  • Grumpy/Sunshine-ish

  • Virgin MC

  • Anti-Christmas sentiments i.e. NOT for people who love Hallmark's version of Christmas

  • Santa is the villain

  • There's a cannibal hitman

  • Stalking

Triggers: on-page suicidal ideation and attempts; on-page alcohol use; parental estrangement; and a bit of BDSM/dubious consent.

Briar & Bramble


  • Ex-stepbrothers-to-Lovers

  • Enemies to lovers vibe

  • Grumpy/Sunshine

  • A new kink unlocked

  • Anti-Valentine sentiments i.e. NOT for people looking for a swoony Hallmark story

Triggers: parental/family estrangement; a bit of BDSM/dubious consent including spanking. 



  • Boss & Employee

  • Grumpy/Sunshine

  • Beauty and the Beast-inspired

  • Forced proximity

  • Slow burn

  • Slight hurt/comfort

  • Age gap (12 years) 

Triggers: on-page sexual harassment; on-page domestic abuse and violence; previous near-death accidents and disfigurement; and off-page parental death.

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