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• The story around the Tennebrose seal in the library floor (if you step on it, your soul is trapped at Tennebrose) was inspired by a similar tale at my alma mater. 

• Mary Oliver aka: Black Mary was inspired by a real person. The real Mary Oliver was accused of witchcraft in Boston in 1649. She confessed and disappeared from the historical record, meaning she either left Boston or reintegrated quietly into society. It's possible she was executed but not likely, since there is no record of it. 

• This story was originally written for an anthology that never came to fruition. 

• The ending is deliberately vague. Was it a dream? A hallucination? Was Reid alone the whole time? Was Will with ever him? Was it a demon who was with him? Hopefully one day we'll get the answers in a full-length story. 

• In January 2021, the original story was supposed to be M/F and its working title was "The Mad Hadder." By the time I started writing it in August 2021, it had changed to M/M. I'd also started plotting  MALUM and I knew I wanted them in the same universe, so I changed the title to CALIGOwhich would set the trend of using Latin words as titles for my paranormal books. You're welcome. 

• I wanted to do something with historical archaeology in a story since I worked as a contract field archaeologist for two summers, even though I eventually ended up switching my major to American History as opposed to Anthropology. I'm also a firm believer in interdisciplinary study, no matter what field/industry you're in, which is why my books end up with such random topics/themes/tidbits in them. 

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