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As someone with an adverse childhood who then went on to spend over fifteen years in law enforcement, I am intimately familiar with mental health and domestic violence. While I may have developed a gallows humor in regard to the darker aspects of human nature, rest assured, I take these issues very seriously. Writing has been cathartic for me, hence the reason why I write what I write... But since I do have a platform, I aim to make the most of it.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is a starting point for those who—God forbid—may need it. Or if you know someone else who may need it. These resources are aimed at male victims, specifically, since male rights and advocacy are near and dear to my heart. 


While the focus of the majority of these organizations is on ending domestic violence and abuse, a lot of them could simply be considered "Men's resources" in general. They include a variety of information and ways to assist men in other challenging areas of their life, such as divorce, family court, drug addictions, health, etc.

There are also resources listed specifically for American first responders (police, fire, EMS, and dispatchers). Before I "retired" from law enforcement to write full time, I co-founded a peer support program for my department. We were the first in our county to do so and we served as a model for surrounding agencies, a fact I'm immensely proud of. I know what that job does to people and I know you can come out on the other side. 

United States
First Responders

United States

Crisis Text Line

SMS Text “hello” to 741741


National Domestic Violence Hotline

CALL 800-799-SAFE(7233)

SMS Text START to 88788

CHAT live at


The Network/La Red (LGBTQ-specific resources)

CALL 800-832-1901 or 617-742-4911

VISIT The Network/La Red’s 24-hour hotline


Local resources available at


To find a local shelter, go to


For more information and resources for male survivors of sexual abuse, visit

First Responders

Safe Call Now

CALL 206-459-3020


Copline (Staffed by retired law enforcement)

CALL 800-267-5463


Veterans Crisis Line

CALL  800-273-8255, press 1

SMS Text 838255





Canadian Centre for Men and Families

CALL 647-479-9611 or 844-900-CCMF(2263)




United Kingdom & Ireland


ManKind Initiative

CALL 01823 334244



Galop (LGBTQ-specific resources)

CALL 0800 999 5428




Abused Men In Scotland (AMIS)

CALL 03300 949 395




Men’s Aid Ireland

CALL 01 554 3811






One in Three Campaign offers a number of crisis hotlines.




National Helpline

CALL 49 800 123 99 00

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