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• During the plotting stage, Larkin was originally supposed to be a serial killer too. Once I started writing him, however, I realized that wasn't the right path for him.

• Jamie wants to be a paramedic because of how they helped him that Halloween night. Plus, he hates hospitals. 

• The cookie place Larkin is obsessed with is based on Insomnia Cookies, a bakery chain that specializes in fresh, baked-to-order cookies. They're open late and they deliver. It's no wonder they're a university-town staple. 

• Yes, Kevin the goat is the same Kevin from IGNI FERROQUE. After Phelan left, Caius adopted Kevin because he has a stable and room to run, although Kevin prefers the kitchen. 

• And yes, I did purposely write thirteen chapters specifically because it was a Halloween/Phobia story. 

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