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• Snickerdoodles are Roan's favorite type of cookie. It was not an accident that Sasha brought him one while he was being held captive in the motel room. 

• It only took me a month, give or take, to write this story. Total start to finish was about six weeks. 

• I've always loved the name Sasha for a guy. 

• Sasha's appearance (black hair, ice-blue eyes, pale skin) was directly inspired by a Siberian husky I used to own.

• Sasha's tattoos were all inspired by the symbolic tattoos used in Russian prisons. They really do read like a resume, cataloging his various crimes and abilities. 

• I had the hardest time coming up with a title for this book. In the end, I followed the same format I used for the LEANDER WELLES series, since they're in the same universe. 

• The color blue is an Easter egg throughout the book for gay men. Roan, Sasha, and Misha all have blue eyes and it's noted frequently. The blue used in the book cover is also an Easter egg, referring to the Russian word "goluboi" or "goluboy" (Golubój (голубо́й). It is a specific shade of light blue (as opposed to a regular/darker blue) that is associated with gay men in Russia. 

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