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The proposal is simple. The execution? Not so much...

The day Bennett Reeve meets Leander Welles is the day his life changes forever. A ruthless lawyer to some of Chicago’s most despicable criminals, Bennett has seen it all — until he lays eyes on the enigmatic millionaire.

By combining their wicked brilliance and unlimited resources, the world is theirs for the taking. But as Bennett helps Leander undertake an elaborate plan for revenge against the people who wronged him, Bennett’s own past starts to catch up with him. When Leander is threatened as a result, Bennett will do anything to protect the man he loves — even if it means losing him.

A note from the author —

This is a prequel to THE MYSTERY OF LEANDER WELLES and THE RATIONALE OF LEANDER WELLES. It is not necessary to have read  either or both beforehand.  RATIONALE gives the most comprehensive foundation into the people/events in DAMNATION.

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